I like the Plastic Spatula instead in a steel spatula because it causes less damage, applies more material faster, and which is easier to control. Begin by loading the Plastic Spatula with Venetian plaster. Start in the upper corner within the project area, apply generous dabs of Venetian Plaster to top while holding the Plastic Spatula at a 15-30-degree angle. Use the small blades in your Venetian Plaster Steel Spatula set in order to use material in narrow spaces like between door jams and sides.

Continue carrying this out until you’ve all four walls outlined. Then let the room dry. The compound will turn white as it dries, products and solutions see any gravy spots, give it more minutes. Once its dried, carbohydrates paint showy.

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Now that your stunning marble flooring, ensure its longevity by a few simple things. First, whenever possible, remove your shoes before walking on the marble. Shoes pick up oil and dirt, which substances can scratch and stain your floor. Across the same lines, make sure your sweep or vacuum your floor before popping, that way you won’t grind any dirt particles into your floor.